Water Quality Testing

Are you interested in finding out more about the quality of your well water? Here's a helpful tip: call the Summit County Department of Environmental Health! For a low fee, they will provide you with a sample bottle and instructions on how to take your water sample. After you retrieve your sample, return it to their office for testing. For more information, click here.

Backflow 101

Confused by backflow prevention? Click below for some good information from the American Backflow Prevention Association!

Landscaping, maintenance and home values

It's not too soon to be thinking about beautifying your outdoor living space! Check out this great article about the importance of landscaping and outdoor maintenance and how it can increase your home's value from Turf Magazine.

Winter is your irrigation system ready?

The air seems to have that cool edge signaling that summer is coming to a close. Trust us to properly blow out your irrigation system. We are scheduling system blow outs starting the week of September 14th. Call us at 970-470-1017 or email us for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Time to aerate your lawn

Does your lawn need an extra boost? Lawn aeration could be your answer! Aeration eliminates soil compaction and allows water, air and nutrients to penetrate grass roots resulting in a healthier lawn. Give us a call at (970)389-5271 to schedule a free estimate.